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Adventurous Wedding

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By Spice Adventurer, 02/11/2019 - 16:18

Some say marriage is a lifetime adventure and any liquid made by a magician, witch, fairy or dragon is called "potion". A magical soup that could make love everlasting would be a love potion:

The wedding soup or "Hochzeitssuppe" in german is a typical known food from Bremen, Germany. It is a traditional menu, generally seen this clear soup in the wedding party in Germany and some countries in Europe. Let's look at the ingredients:

Chicken soup, meat balls, asparagus, noodles or spaetzle, Savory egg custard, in japanese is called  "茶碗蒸し" (chawanmushi), in german is called "Eierstich", literally means piercing the eggs. It probably means something.

The day that two people are bond to live together to the end of one's life (If possible). Any priest who performs the wedding ceremony say " Til death do us apart". How adventurous!:

The wedding intends to be the gathering day to witness the ceremony of a couple. As a promise, rings are needed to be presented at the church by the priest in front of the wedding guests which are selected to be in the church.

The guests who are not invited to the church would have to wait in front of the church:

The decoration like this indicated that there is a wedding ceremony in this church. Do not enter if you are not an invited guest. It is desirable to have a wedding on the perfect condition, especially a nice weather on that day. Sometime it rains, cloudy or sunny on the same day:

As we know the sun always comes after rain, the guests would not leave. They waited patiently:

Finally, the door of the church opened. Happiness and cheerful events started once the bride and groom stepped out of the church:

Walking through the fire brigade canal is not a tradition at the wedding, but it was organised by the friends or the guests who came to celebrate with them:

Another entertainment, the beautiful bride received a bottle champagne from the groom on his tractor:

Wedding tents were prepared for the guests with some snacks and drinks:

The horse carriage is a transportation for the special guests which are only family members (no friends)to the wedding party in another location:

Some organise the busses for the guests, however no luxury car with the words "just married" is waiting for their wedding as it is not a tradition at all:

The wedding cake is not seen in a traditional way of some western European weddings, especially a storey cake. Some guests expect to see a new baby to be born soon and wish them to have healthy kids. The three trucks symbolize a family, don't you think?