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Dinner Cruise

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By Clumsy Mermaid, 12/06/2018 - 19:00

Are you a stranger in an exotic land who wish to see some impressive views in a short time while having a dinner? A dining experience that you should not miss is a dinner cruise in Bangkok:

Why dinner, not lunch? As you know, Thailand is in a warm climate and the river doesn't have a nice color. Having a dinner at night hides all the negative things of Bangkok. No stress from traffic, no hectic day, no air pollution from the cars because there will be only you and your companions on board with the friendly staff of the dinner cruise:

To join the dinner cruise, you must be a the pier at least one hour before the dinner cruise starts:

Some dinner cruise operators will ask you to order food you wish to have for dinner or choose your dinner set menu. Once you are on board, you the waiter will take the drink order, while food will be served later when the ship has left the pier. While having your dinner for two or as a group, you will be able to see some light installations at the touristic attractions along the river at night:

There will be no guide on board unless you ask and pay extra for. However, some dinner cruise from exclusive hotels may have this service, of course the service price is also included. The benefit of joining a dinner cruise is having healthy food with a cozy atmosphere in an exotic land. The temperatures at night in Bangkok are in the comfort zone, especially when you are on a ship:

The ship runs towards the Sapanpud and turns around to the pier. It is the final destination of most dinner cruises in this area:

At the end of your cruise, the night is still too young to end of your day. You could visit a night market nearby before you return to your hotel.

Does this exotic romantic dinner cruise raise your hunger and eager to visit Thailand? Let us make a moment of your happiness, please check out our dining experience program brochure: