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Fun with Herb Planting

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By Spice Adventurer, 06/07/2018 - 16:29

After winter season, spring and summer comes. Spring is the ideal time to plant your own herbs. This is not a bad idea, as fresh herbs have a much more intensive smell and taste than dry ones and will give the food you cook this extra 'freshness'.

The easiest way is to start with a herb planting kit, it consists of seeds, a paper container, tags, compact soil in a seal bag in a planting box:

First of all, you need to rehydrate the soil:

Once it looks like soft soil, you can now go on to the next step:

Fill the soil in the paper container. All holes must be filled because it is biodegradable which means it will dissolve through time. If you would like to plant only half, you can cut it:

Press the soil gently in the holes:

Make a hole with a chopstick or a piece of wood for seeding:

Drop some seeds in each hole:

Depending on the seed you have to cover them with some soil. Do NOT do this for seeds like Basil. They wont grow until the seeds are exposed to light:

Write the name of your herbs and put the right tag in the right hole:

Close the box and wait until it grows. Placing the box on a window still or a table on the balcony where it is bright, but the plants do not "baked" directly in the sun:

The transparent box acts like a little greenhouse. Your seeds will sprout fast in the warm and moist climate. Nontheless, you should open the box for a couple of minutes every day for some air circulation:

Once it started to grow and reached a point where they can be put in pots, you can remove/tear the the compartments easily with your fingers:

Take only the plants that grow nicely, please:

Transfer the plant to a pot by adding a little bit of soil at the bottom first:

Place it in the middle of the pot and adding more soil around it in the pot:

Voila, you did it! Anyway, the herb planting box comes with instructions.. if you follow them, it WILL work. Even if you are not good with plants!

Have fun!


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