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The Ghost Town

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By Blue Explorer, 12/11/2019 - 13:38


Another getaway place where no tourists would go is probably this ghost town. Does it sound scary to you? In fact, this place is calm, no thrill to be seen. How to go there?

First by metro to Herttoniemi and from there by bus 88 to Kaitalahti. Hop off the bus at the last stop and walk until the end of the road (Päätie):

Turn right onto a smaller sandy road before the construction site.

Follow the sandy path into the forest of the ghosts:


After 5-10 minutes your will reach the ghost pond:

Walk further until you see what it is left from the main entrance or the gateway to the ghost town:

We followed the path until we saw some houses. It seems to be hard to find. We assumed that they were there, but currently not to be seen anymore. As the town was abandoned for the town modernisation, the houses had been demolished:

We do not think that by the time you would visit there, the demolished houses would still be there:

Soon after you will see the first abandoned ghost villa:

As of July 2019, this house was still there - soon to be demolished, we guess? or it is supposed to be leftover there for young artists to paint something on it:

When we walked around this house, we saw a staircase down to the beach. Follow the path to the beach, you will see some ruins of villas:

The location of this villa was probably the best you could get from this area, you could make a fireplace in front of the villa by the seashore:

Although, it was quite windy. Maybe some people sail to this ghost town by ships:

Have a nice sail!!!