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The great lake monster

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By Blue Explorer, 10/31/2019 - 11:11


Welcome to the legendary lake of Sweden named "Storsjön" (Literally meaning "the great lake"). It is said that a Monster lives in this lake, which fittingly is called Storsjöodjuret, translating to "the great lake monster" :

The first writing about the sea creature of Storsjön is in the form of a folktale, created by vicar Morgens Pedersen in 1635. There is a runestone located on Frosön island near an administrative building of svenska kyrkan (the swedish church) in Östersund (town) which allegedly depicts the iconic sea creature:

You may read the info of the stone on a sign nearby:

It is said that the lake monster lives in the lake with the depth of 74 metres (243 ft) in Jämtland in the middle of Sweden. The lake monster was claimed to be seen in the lake Storsjön, Östersund in 1635. It is interesting to know that there is only one larger city around the lake Storsjön, Östersund. In 1986, Östersund celebrated its 200 year anniversary and declared "Storsjöodjuret" a protected species (A law that was revoked in 2006):

Another Information board about the monster is located at a quiet corner of the lake near the ruined church of Sunne town:

The lake is quite calm, not really a touristic spot:

Another version of monster sculpture with information about the monster near the Storsjön lake:


You may visit the ruined church of Sunne church near the lake, if you like :


Looking through the portal of the ruined church may raise the chance to see the great lake monster??:

If you have you seen the monster when you visited there, please let us know!