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The King is found!

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By Hooray Man, 01/13/2020 - 13:38


Remember the 6th of January each year is the Three Kings' day. On this day, the festive bread is called Three Kings cake = Der Dreikönigskuchen in German. It is a kind of traditional ring cake or sweet bread with a small figure of king or baby jesus in the dough:


King's cake is available at the end of Christmas season (January 6 to celebrate the visit of the Magi (Wise men from the East) to the Christ Child). As it is counted from Christmas Eve to the night of January 5, so it is known as Twelfth Night. The name of three kings are Caspar, Balthasar and Melchior. In spanish customs, each king represents a continent. Melchior (Europe), Balthasar (Africa) and Caspar (Asia). The word "Wise men from the East" means they are from the area that is called "Morgenland" = where the sun rises. Please look at the map from wikipedia.

Three Kings' festive bread always comes with a crown and a small figure in one part of the wreath (kranze in German):

To be the king or queen of the day, whoever took the piece of cake/bread that contained a figure of king or baby jesus would be the King or queen for a day and would receive a golden crown (made of cardboard paper). It is considered to be a symbol of luck if someone would find this figure. In this case, each person has 1/7 of possibility to be the king of the day. Nowadays, the small version of the wreath, you get higher chance of being the king or the queen of the day:

Sometimes you would pick the right piece for the first time, especially the small version that gives you 25% chance of picking the right one. The center piece of the normal size is told not to take it because it never contains figure:

This figure is about 3 cm tall which it is not dangerous if you did not swallow it accidentally. Please chew it slowly just in case you would be lucky to find the King 's figure or would not be lucky because the figure would be in your stomach instead. Recently, the figure in the bread could be the figure of king or queen, hero or princess:

The golden figure looks more attractive, don't you think?:

It doesn't matter what figure it is in there, once the king is finally found, you are now the king of the day! Good luck.