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Petit Déjeuner

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By Spice Adventurer, 05/17/2019 - 14:10

Something for breakfast? ("Something for breakfast" is a fictional play in Star trek, episode: a Fistful of Datas, written by The Chief Medical Officer Beverly Crusher of USS Enterprise) Breakfast is usually the first meal of the day after sleeping for hours at night, therefore you should get hungry and need more carbonhydrate (Bread, rice, cereal, grains, pancakes, waffles). Breakfast in French is called "Petit Déjeuner" which sounds perfect when it combines with a nice atmosphere. Let us go and try "Petit Déjeuner" in France:

Many coffee shops offer places for having breakfast in a nice morning atmosphere. A combination with a nice weather, it could turn your morning to be a wonderful start of the day. Either an outdoor breakfast at the terrace or balcony is your choice to get some fresh air in the morning or an indoor atmosphere like being at home. It could be a cozy place like this:

Which one do you prefer? In general, breakfast vary from place to place. It depends on weather, gender, time you have for breakfast, career and personal preference and condition. In the old times, royal families and rich to middle class families had a lot of meat for breakfast. In the modern world, they always say "no time for breakfast", especially people who live in the metropolis. Let's see the modern choices of breakfast.

1. Healthy breakfast (Fiber & Vitamin), cornflakes or mix of cereals with milk or with orange juice? After the World War I, people started to add more fiber to their breakfast, not only meat. (Fiber & Vitamin)

It is common to pour it with milk, but with orange juice does exist in the Middle East countries and for people who cannot drink milk. (Alternative: almond milk is for lactose intolerance and vegans, it contains no cholesterol and no lactose) or Müesli (oatmeal, grains, fresh or dried fruits, seeds and nuts):

Common Swiss breakfast would be with Bircher Muesli, recommended by Maximilian Oskar Bircher. He discovered this meal from a Swiss farmer girl who brought it to him after his hiking in the mountains.

2. Simply breakfast: Bread & Spread (a variety of jams, honey, margarine, butter, condensed milk, hazelnut or fruit cocoa spread):

English breakfast would be tea+ sandwich bread+butter and marmalade. Asian style would be with condensed milk and instead of butter-->margarine.

Belgium breakfast would be waffles with butter/margarine and honey/maple syrup (with/without fruits).

Viennese breakfast maybe just a chai tea, Viennese chocolate, Viennese coffee with a piece of cookie (Wiener Waffel/Viennese waffle).

A common fast food breakfast in France:

Comparing with a common Chinese breakfast, soya milk+Chinese buns:

It is a combination of sweet things for breakfast. Let 's try combination of salty food:

Salty bread+salty butter and salty ham.

3. Bio breakfast (Bread & Spread):

Many bio products contain tofu and expensive.

4. Full breakfast means something that makes your stomach full. (Full= plenty choices, not fool!)

It is usually a combination of protein food + fat (Eggs, meats, ham, sausages,bacon, beans):

or a combination of carbohydrate food (wheat+ sugar):

Many French bakery shops have interesting pastries:

Citron pie:

C. Combination of protein and carbohydrate food. (Bread, croissant or Baguette & Ham or seafood sandwiches)

D. Vitamin attack! A load of Vitamin as a cold shock in the morning such as a fruit bowl with Yogurt/yoghurt and honey:

or fruits+juice:

E. Flat bread + spread + salad (Middle East/Arab countries and other regions)

Mexican breakfast

The best is combination of vitamin, fiber, carbohydrate, protein like this called Petit Déjeuner :

People in Southeast Asia prefer hot meal for breakfast.

1. Simple healthy Japanese breakfast consists of sushi rice (fish broth, tofu, fermented soybean paste = miso soup) with some fishes or tuna and other side dishes.

Most common side dish is Eggs wrap or roll (tamagoyaki):

Pancake with ham and vegetable:

Important is that it must be something that you can hold and eat with one hand. This style is modern fast food breakfast:

2. Simple Korean breakfast: Rice, soft tofu in fish broth with spring onion, kimchi, pickled cucumber with fish or tuna as well.

You can make homemade kimchi with this spices (below image), just add to fresh Chinese cabbages, spring onion, carrots, leave it one day in room temperature. The next day, you should keep your kimchi in the refrigerator for at least 3-4 days before consuming.

3. Chinese and Southeast Asian breakfast:

A. Rice soup with or without meat or fish, served with various side dishes (For example: Chinese cabbages in oyster sauce, smoked/fried tofu or meat)

B. Porridge with or without eggs. It can be served with other side dishes which vary from place to place. Sometimes breakfast can be a supper meal or snack as well. For example: porridge, rice soup, bread.

G. Just a drink type: Coffee, tea, chocolate milk, fruit juices, milk, almond milk or soy milk.

H. Futuristic breakfast: Star trek, The next Generation episode 12 of season 4 : The wounded

Keiko breakfast, it could be shrimps or prawn, pickled cucumber, Tofu or bean curd, seaweed like this.

What if you get up after noon time, is it still a breakfast? There is a meal that you may know this term, it is a meal between breakfast and Lunch -->Brunch, usually hotels and restaurants offer this package or on special holidays. (next article). Well, when you have such a nice place for breakfast. Wouldn't you prefer sitting there a little longer for your breakfast until noon?

By the way, how does your breakfast look like?