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Red Curry

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By Clumsy Mermaid, 02/20/2016 - 16:33

Red curry is a well known hot creamy soup in Thailand, neighbouring countries and around the world. Kaeng means curry, Daeng refers to red.

The best of red curry paste is made of all fresh herbal ingredients, mixed with vegetable oil.

Ingredients of red curry paste: 

Coriander seed
Galangal-white ginger family (Kah)
Galgant-Thai ginger
Kaffir lime leaves
Kaffir lime peel
Red chilli
Shrimp paste

When you fry chicken curry in a pan, it should look like this.

The most popular dish is called Kaeng Ped Kai = Hot Chicken Curry, cooking with coconut milk and bamboo shoots.

A variety of vegetables that you may add in red curry.

1. Red curry with bamboo shoots and baby corns.

2. Red curry with ananas and tomatos.

3. Paprika

4. There are other variations, a common one is called Kaeng Ped = Spicy curry, cooked with a little coconut milk (very spicy). It is less liquid, more like stir fry and Kaeng Ped paste looks similar to red curry, but the ingredients are different.

For seafood lovers:

If you wish to cook " Panaeng Curry", add palm sugar and more coconut milk --> the color turns to light brown, instead of red. This curry is milder than other Thai curries.

Please watch our vdo how to cook simple red curry. Thank you.

Have a red hot chili curry day!

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