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Dining on the Rock I

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By Spice Adventurer, 01/16/2020 - 10:19


Far beyond the Baltic sea, many rocky islands are considered to be adventurous places to go. Many restaurants in Finland are on the islands or at the seashore. One of the interesting coffee shops and restaurants is the Cafe of the Rock Church. The church turns to be some sort of a touristic place:

This coffee shop is built on the rock at the rock garden of the Church of the Rock or Rock church in Helsinki, Finland. What a nice spot!

It may look calm, in fact it was full of tourists at this place:

No serenity in front of the church at all. Nonetheless, you can find some peaceful moment by walking uphill of this church:

The left staircase is near the cafe. The other staircase is right at the entrance. It was such a long queue to the church:

There is a warning sign at the entrance telling you to walk carefully with the proper shoes. Let' walk through the nature in the metropolitan city of Finland. There are some spots where u may find peaceful and nature:

A highlight of this church is mini rock climbing, peaceful and adventurous at the same time:

Behind the church you will see the rock garden enclosed with housing and city living style of Helsinki:

The roof garden of the rock church is a garden with some rock formations. At the top of the rocky hill is like the rock wall around the dome of the church:

At the corner of the rocky hill, you will see some more rocks like obstacle and narrow bridge for you to walk if you are not afraid of falling:

* Please watch the video clip on instagram to see how narrow of this pathway, if you would like to see this. Let's go somewhere far away beyond the Baltic sea to see other restaurants on the rock in Switzerland. (Article: Dining on the Rock II)

Let's rock your day!