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Hell Spread

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By Clumsy Mermaid, 05/06/2016 - 14:49

What the hell is that? or where the hell is that? The gates of hell would lead you to the hell if you wish to enter:


One of the gates of hell stands in Rodin museum. It depicts "The Inferno" from Dante Alighieri 's Divine Comedy. Running away from hell would be desirable from life after death as you do not want to be like this:

Les Trois Ombres by Auguste Rodin, one of the figures attached to the gates of hell represents the scenery of being in hell. Many religions refer to hell, nonetheless no one comes back to prove that it exists or to describe how it actually looks. According to many beliefs, being in hell must be horrible and terrifying because no one bless you to be there.

A spread called "Nam Prik Narok" = Chili water of hell, "Nam" = water, "Prik" = chili, "Narok" in Thai = Hell (noun)in English, in German " hell" is adjective = light or bright color. The name comes from the action of crushing chili in the mortar and the chili water came out. It causes tongue on fire.

However, it also implies that the spiciness of this spread is spicy like being hell. (hot and not comfortable)

It sounds super scary, but it tastes (damn) good as well. Let's see the ingredients of hell spread:

chopped fish
Thai chili (Bird's eye chili)
fish sauce
soy bean oil
palm sugar
lemon juice

How to use this spread for cooking?

1. Adding in any meat menu: the best is with beef, but chicken works as well.

2. Dipping with all kinds of vegetables (tomatos, eggplants, cucumber) sticky rice balls: Achtung spicy! Don't rush yourself to hell.

* Making a super spicy dipping sauce by adding bouillons (a dip for vegetables or a spread on bread). Do not recommend for beginners. It could cause sudden perspiration and diarrhea because sometime this spread is made of dried chillis that are not clean or broken ones, the best quality of chillis have no broken parts:

3. Combining with other spices to make a spicy soup or an extra hot stew.

Amount of usage? It depends on how close you would like to be like in hell or how far away from hell. However, there is a hell cave in Switzerland, called "Höllgrotten", located in a town called "Baar" which has a similarity sound in thai means "crazy" if you make higher tone spelling this word out.

This place is located in the "crazy" town where you may follow the sign post to the hell. It is the best positive way not to think it is crazy to go there: Highway to hell? No, it is a side road to the hell cave. "Welcome to hell" sign post points the way to that devil's lair. You can hike from the bus stop called "Paradise" about 40 mins or do biking to the hell cave instead:

Make a decision whether driving away from hell (cave) or speed up to the pointed direction. After arrival, take a deep breath before entering. Walking into the cave with the fear of danger, darkness is in your eyes:

The dim lights in the cave lead to some interesting spots, revealing the interior texture, various shapes of the cave wall and ceiling.

A little pond and water drop from ceiling make a cool temperature in the cave and slow down the heartbeat. 

In summer, the cave is still not hot like hell as its name. If someone tells you to "Go to hell!", you know now that it could be a quiet, cool and beautiful place where one would like to be. Think about it!

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