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Miso Soup

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By Clumsy Mermaid, 02/03/2016 - 22:41

Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup, contains Dashi (Dashi = fish stock or broth), miso paste, tofu (bean curd), seaweed (nori or wakame), onions, mushroom, seafood (tuna,octopus,shrimp) and scallion/spring onion. Other ingredients are different from place to place (potatos, carrots, daikon=winter radish)

The "Dashi" soup stocks for miso soup can be from niboshi (dried baby sardines), kombu (dried kelp seaweed), hoshi-shiitake (dried shiitake mushroom) or Katsuobushi (shavings of dried and smoked bonito flakes, aka skipjack tuna).

The "Kombu" can also be used in combination with dried shaved tuna or dried shiitake mushroom. The kelp seaweed and/or shiitake dashi is usually served for vegetarians.

Miso paste looks like this:

Wheat flour
Miso soup is one of traditional breakfast in Japan, served with other side dishes such as "Natto"= fermented soy beans and fried fish or grilled salmon.
It can be many things for breakfast, commonly with "Tamagoyaki" (eggs roll, traditionally just fried scambled eggs in square pan and wrapped with bamboo mat to form it), tofu with wakame seaweed.
Miso paste can be used in any grilled food such as on shitake mushrooms.
Enjoy your happy meal!

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