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The Navel of Venus

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By Dizzy Frog Prince, 04/24/2018 - 12:00

An Italian food that has similar shape like Venus's navel, called " Tortellini". It is made of pasta sheet wrapping with meat, Italian ham called "prosciutto", spinach or cheese. As we know, Venus (Roman) is goddess of beauty and love = Aphrodite (Ancient Greek) :

The Venus de Milo in the Louvre museum is considered to be one of the most beautiful sculpture and valuable due to the quality of work and material (marble). The name "Milos" is from the location where the sculpture was discovered on an Island in Greece.

Venus inspired many artists to create heavenly goddess in their paintings such as "The birth of Venus" by William bougereau in 1879, the Orsay museum:

The painting depicts the same scene as the Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli around 1486 as the classical ideal female goddess form of beauty.

In the ancient civilization, Venus or a nude female figure is symbol of fertality as well:

A story of tortellini goes back to the middle ages that ancient Greek gods would exist.

Venus and Jupiter shared a room for a night at a tavern in Italy, the innkeeper peeked through the keyhole of the room that they stayed. What he saw was only the navel of Venus. After having inspiration to create his heavenly erotic menu, the pasta with the shape of Venus's navel he created is called "Tortellini" or he shouted "Tortelleni!!!!!!" while shaking his hand that hold a piece of tortellini. He probably saw like when you look at this Aphrodite fragment in the Rodin museum:

Another female goddesses called "Three graces or charites":

They represent the natural beauty, charm, creativity. It appears to be similar to female and male human's navel on earth.

However, the story is meant to make people smile and became one of traditional food in Italy until today. Do not peak through the keyhole!