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By Prinzessin von ..., 03/23/2019 - 15:34

Once upon a time, a long golden hair girl who got locked up in the round tower without a door. According the fairy tale, her name is from the plant called "Rapunzel" :

Rapunzel plant is called "Feldsalad" in Germany, "Nüsslisalad" in Switzerland and "Vogerlsalat" in Austria. In general, It can be added with other vegetables for salad, boiled egg, roasted crunchy bacon with salad dressing, popularly french dressing (white salad sauce) :

In restaurants, you will get more or less like this:

Let's continue with the fairy tale, mother of Rapunzel was longing for while pregnant. She just wanted to have some rapunzel salad she saw every day in the neighbours garden. Her husband had to sneak over to that garden and steal the rapunzel at night. But that garden belonged to a witch. When the husband picked them to make salad for the second time, the witch caught him and punished both parents by taking their first born child as soon as it was born. The witch named the child "Rapunzel" after the salad plant. When rapunzel grew up to be a beautiful girl (12 yrs old), the witch locked her up in the round tower without a door, only a window where she could let her hair down when the witch visited her and said...

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let your hair down so that I could climb up" :

So Rapunzel was trapped in that tower and, to pass the time, was singing every day on the only window from where should could look outisde. One day, a prince was passing by and heard a beautiful voice, so he followed the singing and arrived at the tower. Just in this moment, the witch also arrived and he heard that she called Rapunzel to let down her hair and he saw her using it to climb up the tower. When the witch left, he also called "Rapunzel" to let her hair down so that he could climb up. They met many times like this, made an escape plan (The prince was bringing a piece of silk every time he visits her which rapunzel will use to weave a ladder) and sooner or later fell in love with each other - of course the prince asked Rapunzel to marry him.

Another edition mentioned that she was pregnant and the escape plan was not successful, the witch cut her hair and let her alone in the forest. When the prince showed up to meet Rapunzel again and bring another piece of silk for their escape plan, the witch threw the hair down and let the prince climb up until he realized that it was not Rapunzel waiting for him up in the tower. But it was too late, the witch let go of the hair, he fell on the thorny bushes around the tower. The throns blinded him and the witch left him behind to stumble blind through forest.

A few months later, rapunzel gave birth to twins, one baby girl and one baby boy. She sang for the kids and the blind prince managed to heard her voice again and followed it. Finally, they met each other again. Rapunzel was so happy she started to cry out of happiness. The tears fell on the Princes eyes, they became clear and he was able to see again. They all stayed together as a family and lived happily ever after. Have a Rapunzel day!