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Rice Noodles

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By Clumsy Mermaid, 03/07/2016 - 15:37

There are different types of rice noodles.

A. Round noodles:

The usage of noodles are not the same. Sometimes it fits to specific sauces. It happens all the time that people are confused with the type of noodles when it is dried because It is hard to see the differences. Dried round noodles and Mee noodles look the same when it is dried and dried Mee noodles looks the same as glass noodles that produced from some countries. Only when it is cooked, you will hopefully see the differences.

For example: Green curry noodles with fish balls (Kanom Chin Kaeng Khew Wan)

It is cooked with green curry paste with coconut milk and palm sugar, so that it has sweet mild taste of curry (not spicy). The color is light green. 

Let's move on to the next menu, a fish curry that is called "Kanom Chin Nam Ya".

This dish is always cooked with fresh fishes or tuna. It is served with bean sprouts, pickled green mustard, dried chili.

B. Band (L)/strip (M)/string (S) noodles. It depends on the width of noodles. The process of making these noodles are the same, just the way it was produced in various sizes by using different methods.

Band noodles:

1. Stir fry noodles with dark soy sauce: This menu is called " Pad Si- uew", usually cooked with band noodles or string noodles.

2. Noodles with fermented soybeans, so called " Lad Na ", cooked with band or string noodles that did stir fry with dark soy sauce first, then add thick sauce on top.

Strip noodles:

For example, Pad Thai is usually cooked with strip noodles.

String noodles is called "Mee Noodles".

But do not confuse with "Mamee" = instant noodles (in general). It is not rice noodles!

Another word " Bamee" = Chinese egg noodles. Certainly, not rice noodles. It sounds similar to Mie Goreng = Indonesian fried noodles.

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Please watch VDO Green Curry and Padthai noodles.

Green Thai Curry / Grünes Thai Curry / Curry vert Thai/ Curry verde Thai / タイのみどりカレー

Pad Thai noodles / Pad Thai Nudeln / パッド タイの 麺

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