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Burn to Blue Fire

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By Hooray Man, 10/19/2019 - 00:29


Let's have a little blue flame called "Flammli". An ultimate coffee drink that needs more preparing time than drinking a cup of cofffee:

This special drink is originated in Switzerland as its name. A blue light flame shows up when igniting the alcohol in the cup before drinking it within a short time. The leftover coffee gives aroma to the drink. The ingredients are espresso, sugar, alcohol. The best espresso coffee is known to be from Italy:

One of good coffee makers that you can make espresso at home:

Do not forget a lighter. The process of making this drink:

1. Drink a cup of Espresso with sugar in it. Important: do not stir after adding the sugar, so a layer of sugar remains at the bottom of the cup

2. Add pear Schnaps (Williams) to the cup and ignite it. Wait until the sugar caramelized, Here is a mini bottle of Swiss pear Schnaps:

3. Do not atempt to blow out the flame (you don't want to burn anything). Instead extinguish the flame by covering the cup with the saucer of the cup.

4. Put the (still hot) spoon into a cognac glass (to reduce the temperature shock) and pour the caramel/williams mixture from the coffee cup into it:

5. enjoy.

A tale says that when the witch touches someone for the first time, it ignites the blue sparkling!

So, let it burn to the blue fire!


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