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The Forest Lord

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By Dizzy Frog Prince, 12/14/2018 - 14:38

Christian people believe that Jesus had one last meal with all his apostles before his crucifixion:

With the exception of bread and wine, the bible does not go into detail what they actually ate. But given that his was the last meal they shared, it certainly must have been more than just bread and wine. In the painting of the last supper by Phillippe de Champaigne, 1648 which is the same scene of the well known painting by Leonardo da vinci. It looks like a cup or glass containing some green liquid or it is transparent?

A brightly green lantern colored jelly produced in Germany has an interesting name, called "Götterspeise" (Götter = Gods, Speise = meal). Is there some connection between these two things?

The name in German could lead to a wrong interpretation as Christian people believe in one God, not multiple Gods. However, the pattern of German word when it is combined with another noun, the first noun turns to be plural. Got it? If not, ask the linguists to explain this.

This green jelly contains a special substance called "Waldmeister" (Wald = forest, meister =  master or lord). It is from a sort of plant called "Woodruff" or cleavers which has sweet scents when it is added in jelly.

The bright green color could mean hope but is associated with poison. Nonetheless, being poisoned before being crucified would be better than suffering death on the cross?

No matter what the intention of this food is, it has a unique flavor. You may try to find this item in some German supermarkets, especially in the south of Germany and the black forest in case you need to keep up your hope. Do not poison yourself!

"In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight". You know who says that, don't you?