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Getaway Islands

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By Blue Explorer, 10/03/2019 - 22:33


A long time ago on some far away Islands where Vikings had gone before:

The small Islands in Baltic sea is called Stockholm archipelago. Many scattered islands have been developped to be the tourist attractions and the summer vacation camps. However, some are still "unknown" islands without names or inhabitants:

To see these deserted Islands, you should go to Grinda Island. How to go there?

1. Take a bus from Stockholm (Stavsnäsbus) to bat station Stavnäs vinterhamn. From there you can take a boat which goes to other Islands such as Sandhamn or Vaxholm.

(Stavsnäs --> Sandhamn --> Grinda --> Vaxholm  / Grinda -> Sandhamn -> Vaxholm)

2. Get off on Grinda Island. Remember this building, a public boat station that you can sit and wait for the public boats (timetable is not reliable, sometimes there are delays):

There are few harbours around this island which are private and one harbour for public boats. The houses that are at the harbour are usually private, do not enter without permission:

The unknown Islands scattered in the baltic sea. Some of them did not even have a name because they are inhabitated:

No sign of humans on rocky islands and no public boat goes there. Only if you own or rent a boat which can sail in the sea to undiscovered islands:

A getaway spot for adventurers who love serenity and enjoy feeling like a castaway island. Do not worry, this island is known for summer vacation and camping. For you survival instinct, you would find a grill space:

It is the right spot for camping by the sea and forest with a castaway mood, but you would not want to be stranded in an isolated island, would you?

Otherwise, just make a SOS.

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