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Jordan Almonds

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By Prinzessin von ..., 03/23/2019 - 15:13

Jordan Almonds are a kind of dragée, colorful decorative confectionery with a hard outer shell, contain almonds coated with sugar in various pastel colors. (The colorings are exacted from various vegetables juices)

It is used as wedding favors, a small gift to the guests from the bride and groom who attend their wedding ceremony. Traditionally, five Jordan almonds are wrapped in elegant fabric or box to represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. The bitterness of almonds and the sweetness of sugar are a metaphor for the bitter sweetness of a marriage.

The name of Jordan Almonds refers to the place where almonds are originally grown along "the Jordan River" which have long, thin, slender, smooth kernels.

In Ancient Rome, almonds are covered with honey until 15th Century, sugar is coated instead.

It is suggested to be a nutrition item to reduce the cholesterol that leads to heart attacks and strokes (1 oz = 28 g)and it is rich in protein. In this case, the couple wish their wedding guests to have a healthy & wealthy life. And so do we...

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