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Tent Music Festival

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By Blue Explorer, 04/11/2019 - 21:53

The international Zelt-Musik-Festival (ZMF) takes place in Freiburg im Breisgau, near the Mundenhof zoo every year. The festival is one of the oldest music events in Europe. The style of music is a mixture of oldies, modern and pop-rock music which attracts the music lovers.

The Tent-Music-Festival offers some special events in the big tents. No entrance fee for outdoor visitors, except events in the special tents.

Naturerlebnispark Mundenhof is an adventure park and the largest zoo in Baden-Württemberg, priority to take care of animals in the zoo and display endangered species such as Meerkat, Bison and so on. The open-air zoo or animal exhibition is divided into eight sections, each one displays various species to particular continents.

Meerkat or Erdmännchen in German, it presented like living in desert , South Africa:

This animal can imitate standing upright like human beings:

Bison: North America

Camel: the Middle East

Guinea pig or Meerschweinchen in German, it is food and ritual usage in South America while in Europe is considered to be a pet.

Donkey, a working animal and pet at the same time: 

After visiting the zoo and seeing animal care-takers fed the donkeys, it is time for dinner!

Festival food and refreshments are sold in the tents, but dining tables are outdoor. As usual, fast food of all kinds, except a local (Schwäbisch) Swabian noodle with sauerkraut, so called Schupfnudeln or Fingernudeln (Finger Noodles) in Bavaria:

Finger noodles were a food for soldiers in the Thirty Years' War. It is made of potatos and has a special shape like rugby or American Football. In Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany, there is an interesting festival, called "Filderkrautfest" which is the biggest Filderkraut cabbage festival in Germany. Filderkraut cabbage is called "Spitzkohl or " Spitzkraut" in German as it has a pointy shape.

Bavarian Sauerkraut is cooked with flour and Kummel or Kümmel in German:

When the rain comes, you have better to run-run! This place is huge!!! Unfortunately, there is nowhere else to hide, except in the tents. If you do not want to pay for extra tickets or being in a tent that you did not plan to do so, please bring an umbrella with you.

Enjoy your music!


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