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Northern Thai Curry Noodles

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By Clumsy Mermaid, 03/14/2016 - 14:22

The dish is called " Khao Soi" in Thai as it is derived from Shan people in Burma (Burmese name is "ohn no khao swè"). It consists of deep fried crispy egg noodles and curry soup. It is usually served with boiled egg and pickled green mustard, shallots, dried chili paste and a piece of lime.

The curry soup is similar to yellow or massaman curry (Muslim curry) with bouillions and chicken (fillet cut in pieces or chicken legs). It is a common menu and easy to find everywhere in northern Thailand.

Sometimes it is served in separate bowls. A bowl with crispy egg noodles, the other is a curry soup.


In combination with side dishes or seasonings such as pickled green mustard that gives salty and sour taste in the soup.

For people who like spicy, there is dried chili paste to add in the soup as well.

It is common to see all other ingredients in one plate on the table when you have lunch or dinner in the local restaurants.

Sometimes it comes with fried onion :

There are some variations of Khao Soi that is served with rice noodles instead of egg noodles and the curry soup is cooked without coconut milk, but add curdled blood. It is found in the North-Eastern part of Thailand as it has influence from Laotian cuisine.

This kind of curry is absolutely crunchy and crispy only when you do not dip crispy noodles too long or too much in the curry sauce.

Have a crispy curry noodles day!